Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another Gritty Grace Challenge....

Another Gritty Grace Challenge!
It's all in one's attitude? Right? It's about the 'frame' I choose to live through.

November 26th…. Ah, a full day of no obligations. A day to clean off my desk, tend to some household organization. Then, maybe time in the studio? Sounds promising. Makes my heart expand and spirits soar.

Then! I see that Comcast has yet another billing error… the forth in one week! They can’t seem to get our ‘order’ straight! (This is for my disabled son’s TV.) Last week, I spent an hour on the phone with them, cleaning up their weirded out ordering system. So, I’m thinking, it will be an hour of stress time.

Then… I also remember that Will had a melt down last night because he walked to the store but forgot his debit card. Somehow, in his thinking, this was my fault. So, there was a very angry, blaming, call from him. Then ten minutes later, a second call with all of his fury, directed at me.

Okay. I can rationalize that it’s his head injury yelling at me. I offer prayers for him to calm down and find peace in his heart. Then I move on, and actually had a good night’s sleep.
Until I get another email from Comcast, with all kinds of weird charges… and I remember that my life is not mine alone. I am Will’s caregiver. I must give care. Paying his bills, patience when he directs his anger at me, is all part of the GIFT of SERVICE. Just like answering the Suicide Prevention hot line…. It’s God’s gift of service, here for me to perform, TODAY!

Then, Gritty Grace kicks in! With peaceful acceptance, and knowing that’s it’s just a mere hour or so, I’ll find myself in the sanctuary of my studio, to create, be Peace, be Joy.
And, so it is. Thank you God, Goddess. Namaste.

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