Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 11, Old is a Good Thing!

Ah, finally, I start! It’s been a year since I suspended all writing, except, of course, my morning and evening journal to God. It was such a tumultuous fall last year! As I began the month of November this year, I find a deep yearning to give homage to the suffering and sacrifices of Fall 2012.
That was the stretch of time that gave birth to my awareness of ‘Gritty Grace’. It was through the Grace of God, my Angels, and Guides, that I navigated myself to make the best possible decisions for my son Will.
Gritty Grace is about courageousness, braveness, intrepidness and deep down guts! Grace is the blessing bestowed from a conscious energy to attune to my Higher Power, the Source, Infinite Intelligence, God, Angels, and Guides. With their grace I am able to move through what ever the Universe sets before me to do. What is mine to do.
This morning? Gritty Grace was about getting up early enough to keep my commitment to my aqua aerobic class at 7am! Last night was a late one, with the SPS training getting out at 9:30, the drive home, and then being too stimulated for immediate sleep. I had already given myself permission to not push myself this morning. But! With the bestowal of Gritty Grace, I found it easy to slip out of bed, dawn my speedo, drive the 15 miles, and emerce myself in the glory of the warm, wet pool, with six beautiful bathing buddies.
On the other side of this morning’s early rising, the pool, then a brief time at the beach, here I am…. With God’s Gritty Grace, starting this blog! A new journey for an old woman. Yes. An OLD woman. Sixty six is not young or youthful…. Sixty six is a rich time of awareness of many years of life’s awarenesses, lessons, and journeys. Old is a good thing. I’m a ‘young’ old person! Can’t imagine how terrific life will be at 76, 86, 96!! Let’s get going!

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